PTC Heaters

As the electric and hybrid vehicle market has evolved, many have become aware of how critical battery heating is at low temperatures. Issues of slow charging and/or drastically reduced range led Calienté to develop a line of PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters specifically for the electric and hybrid vehicle market HVAC systems.

Calienté’s immersion, radiator, and pad style heaters can be used to maintain the thermal mass of the batteries at an optimal performance temperature as ambient temperatures drop. These heaters can precondition a vehicle for cold weather starting and charging while also preconditioning the cabin of the vehicle.

There are several advantages to these EV/HEV PTC heaters. The heaters take advantage of the existing air cooled infrastructure. The elements can be custom configured to deliver a lot of heat in a very small area. They are also made with the self-regulating PTC (positive temperature coefficient) elements which offers built in over-temperature protection and product safety.

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