Caliente exhibiting at I/ITSEC Booth 2731 in Orlando, FL

Caliente exhibiting at I/ITSEC Booth 2731 in Orlando, FL

On November 28th through December 2nd Caliente will be exhibiting their new Zero Degree reverse polarity thermal target material in Booth 2731 at I/ITSEC.

Caliente’s new Zero Degree reverse polarity material overcomes the biggest issue with previous passive materials – that they had to be angled at 10 degrees to demonstrate an effective thermal image. Field testing at 400 meters has shown the new Caliente Zero Degree material overcomes this issue, with a much clearer and higher contrast thermal image.

The material is also thicker than previous films, allowing it to take more shots before the need to patching or replacement, providing a higher return on investment. These non-powered thermal targets are ideal for ranges where power is limited, and use a strong pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive that bonds to even wet plywood.

Whether powered or unpowered, Caliente offers the broadest and most robust line of thermal targets in the industry, including 120V, 12V, Zero Degree reverse polarity, table thermalization and specialized sniper targets. Please visit us at I/ITSEC Booth 2731.

I/ITSEC is the world’s largest Training, Simulation and Modeling conference where businesses from across the nation present the best in training equipment and simulation technologies for our forces in the field as well as those at home.

"I can't tell you how unusual it is to find such a responsive and helpful company to work with. We are especially impressed by their heater technology. These little units put out more heat than any we looked at, yet are so compact, we can fit them almost anywhere. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Calienté."

Stuart Solomon, Lifeforce Energy Corp.