Caliente has a variety of heating solutions to meet nearly any market need. These customizable technology solutions range from mat style heaters that provide localized heat, to fan forced heaters that warm components and prevent condensation in larger enclosures, to immersion heaters that maximizes heat transfer in a fluid based system.

Examples include:

  • Pad Heaters
    • Military live fire thermal targets 
    • Electric Vehicle cold plate battery heaters and discharge resistors
    • Telecom cabinet battery and fuel cell heating elements
    • Automotive LDW and camera defog/deice heaters, including solutions for autonomus vehicles
    • Available in fixed wattage or self regulating PTC (Positive Temperatue Coefficient) designs
  • Air Heaters
    • Self Contained PTC air heaters, inluding fan, for electronic enclosures and kiosks
    • Radiator style PTC used for air heating electric vehicle battery pack or cabins
  • Immersion Heaters
    • Self regulating PTC fluid/coolant heaters for electric vehicle battery packs and HVAC systems
    • PTC diesel fuel heating elements

"What I like the most about Caliente is the consistent high quality service and the sincere desire to help meet our demands. They understand today's business world and how to keep customers happy."

Connie Byers, Karlee