Thermal Targets

Caliente’s thermal, passive, and table thermalization targets are designed to present the warfighter and range officer with the most realist threat level thermal signature on the market. This is the key to maximizing night vision training and achieving a high level of proficiency utilizing the high-fidelity optics now in use. Placing a hot blob down range is simply not enough.

Based on our innovative new design, these thermal targets contain semi-self-healing materials that can withstand concentrated fire throughout the center mass of the target without failure. Their durability has proven to survive five times the number of hits as our nearest competitor. The robust materials are engineered to withstand the extreme cold, heat, and wind you will encounter at most military bases around the world. They also feature our newest welded and encapsulated power connectors that allow for added pull strength and greater safety, mitigating potential fire causing electrical shorts.

Whether powered or unpowered, Caliente offers the broadest and most robust line of thermal targets in the industry. Contact Calienté today to evaluate these high value thermal targets!

“I really appreciate this and the extra efforts you’ve put into this purchase [of thermal targets] are the kind of things that make a company outshine its competitors in the market. We won’t forget this! Myself and the government office I support were very excited to find Caliente and I have really enjoyed working with everyone at the company.”

Matthew Spencer, Intrepid LLC.