Pad Heaters

If you're looking for better design, better performance and better lead times, you've come to the right place. Calienté specializes in customizable pad heaters that will solve almost any problem, making them ideal for any situation you may run in to. Our spot heaters offer a low profile and rugged design while maintaining safety by being both abrasion and acid-resistant. They are more cost and energy efficient than competitive elements, which gives you an advantage over the competitors in your industry.

We provide thermal imaging and modifications, based on your specs, that allow for design optimization. Our designers can assist in your design efforts to build a battery or enclosure heater specifically for your application, including battery, board, display and cold start. Our spot heating solutions are available in 105C and 150C UL ratings and our typical lead times are just three to four weeks, versus months for our competitors.

These pad-style heating mats are made for energy-efficient spot heating and whether you want constant wattage or PTC heaters, we know how to make it. The extremely thin and UL/CSA constructed components use either polymer thick film inks, etched foil or wire as their conductive elements. The substrate materials include polyester, polyimide, and silicone, depending on your maximum operating temperatures. Our robust connection options can carry high amp loads and provide excellent pull strength while also having designed controls for over-temperature protection.

Our spot heating solutions are proven to perform so let us design an element for your spot heating needs!

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“I really appreciate this and the extra efforts you’ve put into this purchase [of thermal targets] are the kind of things that make a company outshine its competitors in the market. We won’t forget this! Myself and the government office I support were very excited to find Caliente and I have really enjoyed working with everyone at the company.”

Matthew Spencer, Intrepid LLC.