Caliente receives ITAR Certification

Caliente LLC, an innovative manufacturer of thermal and live fire training targets, announced it has received International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) certification from the U.S. Department of State. This certification recognizes Caliente as a global defense equipment manufacturer and supplier while respecting U.S. national security interests.

ITAR is a program directed by the US Department of State, regulating the export and import of U.S. military and defense related equipment and information. Companies receiving this certification must have the knowledge and understanding to fully comply with ITAR, as well as having corporate procedures and controls in place to ensure compliance.

“We continue to strive to be the most innovative and dependable source for military live fire training target needs including thermal, passive, realistic visual, 3D, moving, and hit detection solutions" said Mike Kelly, President of Caliente. Kelly continued, "ITAR registration positions us to further demonstrate our commitment to serving the global defense and law enforcement training market with realistic and actionable targets and systems."

Caliente thermal targets are built to comply with TC-25-8 Army range specifications for stationary infantry targets (SIT), or silhouettes, stationary armor targets (SAT), mobile armor targets (MIT), and mobile infantry targets (MAT). They are available as E-type silhouettes or individual thermal targets, as well as the common range of vehicular targets, including hulls, tracks, engines, turrets and wheels.

“Calienté has been the contract manufacturer for our BlueTOAD™ product for the past 4 years. Their quality and professionalism is second to none. The relationship with Calienté has evolved beyond client and vendor as we believe Calienté to be a valuable partner as we both enjoy future growth and success together.”

Roland Ho, Trafficcast