Let us introduce ourselves

For over thirteen years, Caliente, LLC has been at the forefront of technology in the heating, cooling and control systems industry. We enjoy discussing our industry, as well as manufacturing and business in a more general sense, and here is where you’ll find our thoughts on everything from the ever-changing U.S. manufacturing environment to physics to charging for samples and almost everything in-between.

A little about us: We are a Fort Wayne, Ind. based company providing energy efficient heater pads, PTC blower heaters, thermoelectric coolers, thermal controls, assemblies and wide area sensing arrays for telecom, military, kiosk, batter and lighting customers. We are ISO9001:2008 registered, carry UL component recognition on our products and utilize a worldwide network of design and supply chain partners to effectively serve the global needs of our customers.

Let us know if you have a manufacturing issue you’d like us to address or if you have questions on products or applications. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Calienté has been the contract manufacturer for our BlueTOAD™ product for the past 4 years. Their quality and professionalism is second to none. The relationship with Calienté has evolved beyond client and vendor as we believe Calienté to be a valuable partner as we both enjoy future growth and success together.”

Roland Ho, Trafficcast