Telecom / Kiosk

Calienté manufactures heating elements and cooling systems for outdoor cabinets, enclosures and kiosks. We offer pad/mat style heaters or heater foils for spot heating, PTC fan forced heaters for heating an entire enclosure and its contents, and thermoelectric coolers for small compartment cooling and heating.

We offer heat pipe heat exchangers for large-area ambient cooling as well. We also integrate complementary hardware such as electronic controls, thermostats and harnesses to provide plug-and-play solutions. Calienté also offers thermal modeling, thermal imaging and environmental chamber testing to optimize the design cycle, saving you time and money.

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“I really appreciate this and the extra efforts you’ve put into this purchase [of thermal targets] are the kind of things that make a company outshine its competitors in the market. We won’t forget this! Myself and the government office I support were very excited to find Caliente and I have really enjoyed working with everyone at the company.”

Matthew Spencer, Intrepid LLC.