An interview with Caliente president Mike Kelly on The Battery Show

An interview with Caliente president Mike Kelly on The Battery Show

Interviewer: Allison Rowe - September 14th (Novi, MI)

After digesting the busy and exciting week we had at The Battery Show, I sat down with Mike Kelly, President of Caliente LLC, to learn what he thought about his experiences. I asked him five questions and his thoughts are as follows:

What were your expectations going into the conference?

As our fifth year exhibiting, I knew it was going to be a good show. I was expecting more of the same people and companies as before. However, I was very excited to be participating in the conferences for the first time.

What were you looking forward to learning at The Battery Show?

I wanted to meet new people and learn more about what direction the battery technology was going and growing. We wanted to identify other places where our technology fits. We have found that the pad heater within a cold plate is off the charts for what value we bring to the table.

What are the most important takeaways you have learned from the conference?

There are a growing number of applications for our technology. The Chinese market is talking about eliminating internal combustion engines by 2030. That could accelerate electric vehicle development in the US and Europe as well if they want to compete in the world’s largest auto market! We also see solid state batteries and fuel cells on the horizon.

How was the turnout? Do you believe there was more quality over quantity?

The turnout was very good. This is a quantity show where you must get a broad range of industries and potential applications. We are getting in front of a lot of other people that may need our help in the future. It is broader than other shows, but in a good way.

Will you attend the show next year?

Yes, we are able to see a lot of our customers here in 3 days and learn the latest on where the battery market is heading.

Caliente has some busy weeks ahead of us following up on new projects. If we missed you, please contact us at to discuss your battery, sensor, camera, or HVAC heating needs!

"I can't tell you how unusual it is to find such a responsive and helpful company to work with. We are especially impressed by their heater technology. These little units put out more heat than any we looked at, yet are so compact, we can fit them almost anywhere. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Calienté."

Stuart Solomon, Lifeforce Energy Corp.