Leading the Industry One Pad Heater at a Time

With over 155 years of combined experience, Caliente has become the leader in the pad heater industry. We specialize in custom design in challenging and tight spaces. Because the elements are so thin, they transfer heat to the source very quickly, and doesn’t impede thermal transfer when added to a cooling system. We heat everything from electric vehicle battery heaters to military thermal targets to medical devices. The scope of our applications includes:

  • Telecom battery heaters
  • Defog/deice camera lenses
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Lab equipment
  • Medical table warmers
  • Fast food displays
  • Ice dispenser heaters
  • Many, many more!

Essentially, if you can think it, we can heat it!

Caliente manufactures all its products in house. We build heaters with polyester (rated at 105C), Kapton (rated at 180C), or silicone (rated to 200C). Our unique method of printing silver, carbon, and self-regulating PTC inks onto the various substrates allows for enormous design flexibility, including routing around holes and adding more heat in selected areas.

This method also allows our heaters to remain extremely thin (.011”) for smaller applications. These elements can range from 1” x 1” up to 24” x 72” and vary in voltage, wattage, operating temperature, and temperature controls, depending on your specifications.

Our team of experts would love to help solve your problems. Contact us today at info@calientellc.com for a free assessment!

"I can't tell you how unusual it is to find such a responsive and helpful company to work with. We are especially impressed by their heater technology. These little units put out more heat than any we looked at, yet are so compact, we can fit them almost anywhere. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Calienté."

Stuart Solomon, Lifeforce Energy Corp.