Caliente Receives High Score on Performance Survey in Efforts to Obtain a GSA Schedule

Caliente is pursuing a contract under GSA to better serve its military customers. As our business grows and expands, Caliente wants to be able to meet the needs of all their clients efficiently. After being a subcontractor on GSA for a few years, we felt it was time to create our own contract. Our new restructured platform will expand our current GSA product line by presenting an updated product and price list.

In order to obtain a contract, we were required to complete a past performance evaluation survey though a third party. Open Ratings Systems distributed and collected data from our current and past customers. The results were outstanding. We received an 87, on a scale of 100, for overall performance ratings. Our highest categories included reliability, order accuracy, quality, and responsiveness. Although the responses were all positive, we will continue to keep our customers needs and wants as our first priority.

Caliente appreciates the feedback from the survey and will continue to exceed expectations, making sure we are the top performing company in the industry.

"Calienté always performs at a very high level of customer service; be it in the form of a purchase order confirmation and/or response time of product quotations. Calienté understands their customer's needs related to lead time mitigation and provision of best price points, both key elements of being successful in the 21st century marketplace."

Key Telecom Customer